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Raj Analytical Solutions Private Limited



  • HPLC

    Length : 30, 33, 40, 50, 60, 75, 100, 120, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300mm

    Column ID : 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 3.9mm, 4.0mm, 4.6mm

    Particle Size : 1.8, 2.7, 3 , 3.5, 4, 5, 7, 10┬Ám

    Hplc Columns Separation Modes : normal Phase, Reverse Phase, HILIC, Ion Exchange, Polymer, Chiral, SEC, SFC, GPC

    Hplc Colums Available for Instruments : UHPLC, RRLC, LC MS, Analytical HPLC, Semi Preparative, Preparative, Nano / Micro LC, GPC

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  • HPLC Accessories

    HPLC Accessories

Sampling/ Storage

Vials & Septas


  • Disposable Syringe Filters
    We are manufacturer for wide range of high-quality Disposable Syringe filters, Venting filters, Resuable syringe filter holders under RAPURE brand.  Available membrane typeNylon, PTFE, PTFE (Hydrophilic), PVDF, PES, CA, Glass Fiber, MCE, PPRAPURE Nonsterile &

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    Disposable Syringe Filters

  • RAS Filtration Assembly

    We are manufacturer of High-quality Filtration Assembly.

    Customized sizes on request

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    RAS Filtration Assembly

  • Sterility Test Manifold

    We are manufacturer of High-quality Sterility Test Manifold in SS316.

    Customized sizes on request.

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    Sterility Test Manifold

Precision Weights

  • Precision Weight Sets
    High-grade stainless steel and solid construction make analytical weights the excellent choice for balance calibration and testing. High-grade stainless steel ensures an antirust surface with low magnetization. Solid construction o¬ffers premium long-term stability.Laboratory weights according

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    Precision Weight Sets

Certified Reference Materials

  • Conductivity Solutions

    Patented conductivity standards of 1.3 and 5 µS/cm with a certified accuracy of ±1% and a lifetime of 1 and 3 years respectively.

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    Conductivity Solutions

  • Holmium Oxide Filter

    Holmium Oxide Filter for UV wavelength calibration.

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    Holmium Oxide Filter

  • pH Buffers Solutions
    Patented DuraCal liquid pH buffer solutions provide a perfect complement for calibration of pH sensors. Hamilton pH calibration solutions offer stability of up to five years before buffer expiration. High buffering capacity provides rapid and stable calibration with accuracy up to +/- 0.01pH.

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    pH Buffers Solutions


  • Anti Vibration Pad

    We are manufacturer for wide range or AntiVibration Pad generally used with Analytical Balance in laboratories to absorb the vibrations for accurate weighing.

    Customized dimension on request.

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    Anti Vibration Pad

  • Printer for Analytical Balance

    We provide Universal Static Printer for major Analytical Balance manufacturers.

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    Printer for Analytical Balance

  • Vortex Mixture
    Vortex Mixers with Fixed & Variable Speed. Features : Touch operation or continuous mode Variable speed from 0 to 2500rpm (MX-S) Fixed Speed 2500rpm (MX-F) Used for various mixing applications with optional adapters Specially designed vacuum suction feet for body stablility Robust

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    Vortex Mixture

Liquid Handling

  • Pipette
    Mechanical Pipette Single Channel & Multi Channel Fixed Volume & Variable Volume Semi Autoclavable & Fully Autoclavable Multifunction Electronic PipettePipetting, Mixing, Stepper and DilutionMultifunction Electronic PipettePipetting, Mixing, Stepper and

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  • Syringes
    We supply wide range of syringes for the below syringe applications. GC Autosampler Syringes HPLC Autosampler Syringes Manual GC and HPLC Syringes TLC Syringes Life Science Syringes Clinical Instrumentation Syringes Carbon Analyzer

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D2 Lamps

  • D2 Lamp
    D2 Lamp (Deuterium lamp)UV spectral lamp with long life (2000 hours in average), high stability and high intensity. This lamp is used for various analytical instruments as UV Spectro light source.We have various replacement lamps for major instrument manufacturers. Please contact us.This lamp can

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    D2 Lamp

Gas Management

  • Gas Purification Panel
    We are suppliers of Gas Management Products. Gas Purification & Control Panel Three stages for Zero Air, N2 & H2 Gas Indicating regenerable Silica gel and Molecular sieves Filters to remove the moisture and traces of moisture from Zero Air, N2 & H2 by showing change in

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    Gas Purification Panel

  • Gas Regulators

    We supply wide range of high-quality Gas Regulators.

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    Gas Regulators


  • Dissolution Supplies

    We supply wide range of accessories for Dissolution instrument.

    • Sinkers
    • Baskets
    • Cannula
    • Jar / Vessle
    • Dissolution Validation Kit

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    Dissolution Supplies

Other Products

  • Crimping Tools

    We are importer & manufacturer for wide range of crimpers & decrimpers for Aluminum Crimp Caps, Aluminum Flip off/ top caps.

    Customized requirement can also be considered.

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    Crimping Tools